Martin Kock

I started this blog because I love sharing knowledge with my fellow techies, and because I enjoy the Go programming language so much that I’d like to help others getting started with Go by sharing experiences that I’ve picked up along the way. That being said, I’m hoping that this blog will evolve into being about more than just Go.

Who Am I?

My name is Martin, and I’m a Danish software engineer currently working with Go at Vivino, a Danish company with a very popular wine app.

I first got into systems programming with C/C++ and Java during university, until the real world called upon me. I got a job doing web development in PHP, and I’ve been working with web development since then, although I prefer to use the phrase “Cloud engineer” these days. A cloud engineer has his focus on backend development, and has a good understanding of software architecture, scalability and what it takes to provide high availability API’s.

My adventures has brought me many interesting projects, and an interesting journey into different technologies, from PHP to Node.js, and lately, back to compiled languages with Go.

I hope you enjoy (and learn something) from this blog!


You’ll find me on Twitter, Github and LinkedIn:

You can also write me about the contents of this blog, at “fast4ward.now” [at] GMail.